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We are a team of expert engineers and entrepreneurs, who are passionate about the overland expedition community and lifestyle - we spend all 4 seasons camping in the great Northwest and beyond. Like you, we expect the best out of ourselves and the products we use and trust. We are a family oriented and family owned company.

"My story started with Globe Trekker when a good friend of mine and fellow FMTV owner approached me about some amazing work that was going to revolutionize the overland expedition camper industry. Intrigued, I wanted to learn more. After seeing his vision, I was totally sold... so much so, that I asked how I could help spread the word to the Overland Expedition community. The rest is history."
Dave Anderson, LSSGB, MBA
Retired Chief Warrant Officer Four
Helicopter Standardization Instructor Pilot
YouTube Creator & Personality
Marketing and Sales, Globe Trekker, LLC
Community Centric Values
We partner with like minded companies that place a high value on the quality of products they offer and goal-set great customer service. In this way, we hope to inspire others to put the community that makes up the entire spectrum of Overland Expedition Campers a priority. Check out Wildland Coffee Co.

What makes GLOBE TREKKER different from other solutions?

AFFORDABILITY - compared to our competitors, we are the least expensive, highest end manufacturers.

BEST IN CLASS QUALITY - Engineered for long life with the highest quality materials delivering true value.

ALL IN ONE SOLUTION - A zero torsion frame that protects the habitat from being torn apart, an integrated aluminum extrusion true thermal break panel frame, brush guard exoskeleton, PV panel mounting, & built-in rain and cable management.

MADE IN THE USA - High quality production plus the most reliable & stable manufacturing, using the best materials.

DIY PROJECT - Our frame and habitat can be built in one weekend with one or more of your friend's help.

FAST DELIVERY - Locally sourced means faster delivery. Why pay for freight across the world, when the best materials and solution can be made right here in the USA?


If you want to "geek out" like us (and we mean this in a very positive way), read the FAQ and watch our many videos for more design details. Take special note of our patent pending Thermal-Break Aluminum Frame.

Our kits are designed for DIY and the mechanically inclined enthusiast. If you have hired a builder, ask for us by name.



A Team of Overland Expedition 4x4 Enthusiasts

who are also Design and Manufacturing Engineers

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