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Habitat Accessories Additional Information

Globe Trekker    Engineered and Patented Designs


If you need these shipped, there is a $25 fee for the box and packing materials.

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Globe Trekker engineered thermal break
24"x 24" Pass-Through

The Globe Trekker pass-through can accommodate multiple pass-through lengths, from just 4" to 22". The design is in keeping with our engineering tradition of having no thermal bridge (having a "thermal break"). It is made for rugged use and long life, while maintaining flexibility and strength. As priced, this pass-through comes without the latch or boot, which can be purchased from Amazon. We did this so that if you wanted a different latch, you could pick your own, since there are a variety to choose from.


To receive a full kit that includes the Globe Trekker choice in latches and rubber boot, add $300 to your order ($1599) which covers the latch and boot.


Here is the link for the latch: Click here

Here is the link for the rubber boot: Click here



Globe Trekker engineered thermal break
24"x 36" Pass-Through



pass through data2.PNG

Distance from inside Cab to Habitat Range
6.75" to 9.5"
8" to 12.5"
9" to 14"


Please specify this with your order.

pass-through dimensions.PNG
Screenshot 2022-03-27 140110.jpg
Dan pic1.jpg
Side bracket01.PNG
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ISO Habitat Mounts

(set of 4) $2950

ISO DA corner bracket.JPG

Now available for both rectangle and departure angle habitats. We recommend using the Rieco Titan camp jacks for both strength and price points.

Custom Box 4.png
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Custom Box 3.png
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Specifically designed for the easy on and off removal of the habitat for "basecamp" set up, while  leaving the vehicle as a nimble Zero Torsion flatbed daily driver. These corner brackets fit into Globe Trekker's engineered ISO quarter-turn subframe.


You can easily add a plywood or a metal deck to your subframe and use it as a flatbed truck when not hauling the habitat. Just bolt on four camper jacks turn your Overland Expedition Camper into a daily driver or work truck. Comes in sets of four.

stairs extended.jpg

Access Stairs

Access Stairs/Ladder

This Globe Trekker patented design features the full retractability of our Access Steps with auto leveling treads, but with a major upgrade. When space available is limited on the side of the vehicle, you can pull the stairs half way out, and it auto-converts the access steps into a 15 degree slanted ladder so you can still access your habitat, even in tight quarters or deep snow.


The treads come in 25" widths, made from 5052 anodized aluminum.  Videos for installation and use with "man's best friend" are on our videos tab of this website. This set is designed for tall (FMTV or equivalent) truck frames. A short version for shorter (F550, RAM5500, etc.) truck frames is also available. Mid-range frame heights (Kenworth, International, UNIMOG) with one step removed from the ladder section is $3150. The shorter stairs/ladder (F550, RAM 5500, etc.) with one step removed from the ladder section and one step removed from the upper stairs section is $3000.

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LRG. (50"-60" Truck Frame Height)

MED. (40"-50" Truck Frame Height)

SML. (>40" Truck Frame Height)




The MED and SML versions have a shorter frame to facilitate mounting of shortage boxes on the other side of the stairs.

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Globe Trekker_Logo_Color.png
Globe Trekker_Logo_Color.png

PV Solar Mounting Cross Bar

Includes mounting brackets and hardware.


The solar mounting crossbars are made from the Globe Trekker brush guards, which are known for their immense strength and durability. The crossmembers and brackets hold the solar panels off the habitat roof, while keeping them below the brush guard tops. This offers the best in airflow for both the habitat and the solar panel, and the best in ruggedness.

Solar panels have a great efficiency when they are kept cool with airflow. This also helps the R-17 roof panel repel heat and solar UV radiation. It includes the crossbar, a set of mounting brackets, and hardware.

Tapered Storage Box03.PNG
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