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Cab-Over Habitats

All our habitats come with 1"x2" thermal break aluminum tubing every 24" in the roof and floor panels, to provide easier wiring in the ceiling and unmatched security between the habitat and sub-frame. This also provides added structural support. The premium panels are the best in the industry, boasting an R15.5 - R17.4 insulation value. Made with high density structural grade PIR insulation with thick FRP (gel-coat) inside and out, and reinforced with AZDEL sub-laminates, the panels are impervious to water, super strong, fire resistant, and light weight. Check out our videos for more information.

The cabovers are available with the cabover overhang in a 62" size to accommodate a queen size bed "East-West" and a "Super King" 76" cabover overhang size to accommodate a king size bed "North-South." See our build videos here.

Current Lead Times:

est. 7-8 weeks

Globe Trekker_Features2.png

prices include will-call loading fee

NOTE: Cabovers are measured from tip to tip...
For instance, the 19' cabover exterior dimension without brush guards is 233 1/8" (19.417') with an interior dimension of 225 7/16" (18.792'). Its floor fits our *12' 4-point subframe making the "base" total *14' and the overhang *5'. (*approximate lengths)


Best for F550/RAM5500
with 11' 6"-ish bed rails

76" Super King
overhang upgrade



17' Scout Master
without brush guards


19' Path Trekker
without brush guards



17' Scout Master
with brush guards



19' Path Trekker
with brush guards



21' Trail King
without brush guards



21' Trail King
with brush guards


15' North Star without brush guards

15' North Star with brush guards



*maximum fit for F350/RAM3500 (1 ton)

NOTE: Subframe compatibility
21' Trail King - 14' 4-point
19' Pathfinder - 12' 4-point subframe
17' Scout Master - 10' 4-point subframe
15' Northstar - 8' 4-point subframe
click "subframe" to see subframe prices

NOTE: *ISO corner brackets and ISO subframes are available for these models to make it easy to remove the camper from the subframe to turn your vehicle back into a daily driver that has a Zero Torsion flat bed. We recommend heavy duty camper jacks made by Rieco Titan.

*Customer is responsible to not overload the jacks and must adhere to safety instructions with their use from the manufacturer and Globe Trekker Terms & Service.



*6 months out from your build? Lock in prices and have your kit ready when you want it with only 10% down. Use the CONTACT form to touch base with us to get the ball rolling. (50% deposit is required within the build window lead time for the items that you order.


Looking for a smaller cabover? Please use our CONTACT form and let us know what you want. We may be able to scale our designs to fit your needs.


Best on the Market Engineered Panels & Extrusions
Why Globe Trekker tops the rest!

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