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All 3-D Printed Parts and Accessories

We at Globe Trekker offer parts that are very hard to find or provide added value to our customers for their builds.  Globe Trekker engineers and other freelance experts in the 3-D prototype community have contributed to this list of products. If you have something you want to contribute to the intellectual property seen here, contact Globe Trekker for details via our Contact form page.

Series 770 Masterlock
Storage Bracket
$25 a pair
FMTV Window Crank Handle
$35 a pair
3D window crank01.PNG
$40 a pair
3D window crank02.PNG
GT Side Marker 80/20 Adapter
3D window crank03.PNG
These 3D printed bases fit into the 80/20 aluminum extrusion, which also provide a track to run exterior wiring.
3D light01.jpg
FMTV Door Latch Handle
3d door handle02.PNG
$30 a pair
3D door handle01.PNG
3D door handle03.PNG
$30 a pair
$5 each
$25 for 6
3D light02.jpg
3D lgiht03.jpg
Marker light not included. Here is a link to the marker lights shown. Click HERE.
bete testing.jpg
FMTV Marker Light Base
3D Light Bracket.PNG
3D Light Bracket2.PNG
Testing for "Stability"
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