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PIR Composite Panels and Thermal Break Aluminum Extrusion Frames


Aluminum Frame, Brush Guard, Solar Mounts, and Rain Water Management in One Complete DIY Solution with no welding


FEA - Finite Element Analysis on Components and Assemblies


Designed flexibility to adapt to multiple applications

3-point subframe.jpg

Like you, we investigated every habitat solution on the market and found it to be largely over-priced and severely lacking of design features.

We understood the composite wall construction and how diverse foam applications were being used in the industry.

We chose PIR (polyisocyanurate)

  • Latest and greatest high-density polyurethane

  • Increased R-value

  • Moisture and flame resistances

  • Stronger than PUR or EPS/XPS

No wood products are in our panels!

All-in-one Solution

Our patent pending aluminum extrusion panel frame features

  • Thermal Break to gain both frame integrity and thermal protection

  • Integrated Brush Guards, Solar Mounting, Wiring Channels, Rain Water Management, and accessory mounting into one mechanical assembly solution.

We engineered a true "Zero Torsion" 3-point and 4-point Sub-Frame

  • Increasing flexibility for frame mounting 

  • Versatility for more lengthy habitat builds eighteen feet and beyond


We support "Made in the USA" 

We were disappointed to find the current expedition RV habitat market was mostly EU or Asia based components. We used our manufacturing history and supply chain partners to solve this problem.

Competitor's COSTS and DELAYS

  • Expensive options, the lack of a full solution, and habitat cost increases due to the lack standardization 

  • Their non-standard fabrication increased costs and takes weeks to assemble


The Right Alternative

We engineered a flexible and modular solution that leverages "economy of scale" and manufacturing technologies to reduce the cost and provide a complete solution.

  • Locally sourced materials, thermal resistance, structural rigidity, UV resistance, modularity and flexibility, water resistance and rain management, assembly ease and DIY capability to increase real value to customer satisfaction.

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