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Rectangle Campers

Current Lead Times:

est. 7-8 weeks


without Brush Guards

12' Corsair Explorer
without brush guards


16' Starship
without brush guards


20' Juggernaut
without brush guards


14' Clipper Explorer
without brush guards


18' Galleon
without brush guards


Custom Size

larger or smaller


with Brush Guards

12' Corsair Explorer
with brush guards


16' Starship
with brush guards


20' Juggernaut
with brush guards


14' Clipper Explorer
with brush guards


18' Galleon
with brush guards


Custom Size

larger or smaller


For rectangular habitats 20' or greater (Juggernaut Class), please use the contact form to describe what you want. This will allow us time to design and give you a price for the truly epic size we call the "Juggernaut Class" of Globe Trekker habitats.


*6 months out from your build? Lock in prices and have your kit ready when you want it with only 10% down. Use the CONTACT form to touch base with us to get the ball rolling. (50% deposit is required within the build window lead time for the items that you order.


Add a garage/bed platform

62.5" x 86" Queen bed platform
or 76" x 86" King bed platform
39" x 86" front wall
+ extrusions & adhesives


garage_bed platform2.JPG

Click HERE to find a builder near you.
Contact us for details.

Each kit comes with pre-cut composite R-17 panels, thermal break extrusions,
all of the adhesives + 10%, brackets, corner caps, & hardware. NOTE: If you require more tubes of adhesives to finish your build, Globe Trekker can supply you with more Sikaflex 552 at $18.50 per tube. Otherwise, we are not an organic supplier of Sikaflex. If you need Sikaflex for other projects, including window installation, please contact any number of suppliers online.

Builder's Starter Pack


All our habitats come with 1"x2" thermal break aluminum tubing in the floor and ceiling to provide easier wiring in the ceiling and unmatched security between the habitat and sub-frame. This also provides added structural support. To inquire more about this, please use the Contact link provided above. The premium panels are the best in the industry, boasting an R15.5 - R17.4 insulation value. Made with high density structural grade PIR insulation with thick FRP (gel-coat) inside and out, and reinforced with AZDEL sub-laminates, the panels are impervious to water, super strong, fire resistant, and light weight. Check out our videos for more information.


Our brush guards are extruded from 5052 aluminum and anodized to the AAMA thickness standard. They are extruded through dies that Globe Trekker engineers have designed and are only available through Globe Trekker. The brush guards come with mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware which mount directly to the habitat corner extrusions. Easy to install, and is modular. If you damage a section, simply remove that part and replace it, without having to replace the entire brush guard package.


SHIPPING: All our products are offered as "will call" FOB Portland, OR.

-but we can help you find a shipper that can give you quotes.
"Will-Call" means the products are intended to be picked up at our location and may not be packaged completely that will avoid damage by rough handling during shipment. This is why we strongly recommend that if you are having the products shipped, that you request a dedicated shipping service, on a deck-over or flatbed trailer, and that the load will be tarped. A "dedicated shipping service" means the truck picks up at our location, and drops off at your location. Do not accept a local pick up to a distribution center for transport.

US Shipping: attain a Bill of Lading (BOL) from your shipping company and email it to and ...include in that email the date that your items will be picked up. You are also welcome to come to the shop and pick up your items. All items with the exception of EMUK and 3D printed items are "will call" from Portland, Oregon. See the Globe Trekker shipping guide that will come with your invoice.

Words to the wise for shipping:
Flatbed deck-over (deck over the wheel wells) are a must.
Tarp the load to avoid excessive road grime on your items.
Corner protection for strapping composite panels is a great idea.


Shipping to Canada: same as above, plus...
All shipments to and from Canada must utilize a customs broker
You need a Bill of Lading and a Canadian Commercial Invoice (CCI)
Shipment value must be indicated on the Commercial Invoice.
Fees are paid by the receiver.
Read Article:  click HERE
Download this PDF for a CCI: click HERE

For shipping to other countries, please contact a reputable agent that can walk you through the right steps so that you can avoid delays.

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