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All you wanted to know about PIR insulation and other properties, and how it behaves in colder temperatures. Additional information is included on blowing agents, R-Value, Thermal Conductivity, gassing off, and how Globe Trekker engineered panels are the best choice for your epic build, offering all you really want from an expedition panel, saving you a lot of money over time.

Fire resistance of PIR insulation, thermal testing of PIR insulation exposed to flame, ice expansion testing of aluminum frame extrusion, thermal break testing of aluminum frame extrusion, panel submersion testing, and lamination strength testing.
What is frame-twist and what can it do to a habitat? What do our competitors do to avoid the destructive effects of frame-twist? We feel that our ZERO TORSION sub-frame is the best on the market. It offers the best habitat protection for near worry-free off-roading.

Part two of the viewer requested Globe Trekker habitat vs. what others do for their habitats. For those that consider all panels to be the same, this is a must see video! Find out why Globe Trekker panels are up to 29% more thermally efficient, have greater strength, offer greater versatility, and longer lifespans... costing you less over the lifetime of compared products.

We use PIR insulation. Our competitors skimp by with cheaper PUR and EPS. Our panels are 2 1/2" thick (R-17 min.). Most competitor upgrades are only 2". Watch this third party test of fire retardancy comparison between different types of insulation.
When you pick up and or receive your habitat kit, it will come as a flat pack. This is what you will need to know how to handle the panels before they are glued into the awesome thermal break aluminum panel corner extrusions.
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