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Access Stairs Systems

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Stairs Fitment Guide

Access Stairs/Ladder Combo

3 sizes; from $2995 to $3295
(4 step, 5 step, & 6 step + landing)

stairs extended.jpg

$2995-4 Step
$3145-5 Step
$3295-6 Step

Straight Access Stairs*

3 sizes; from $2695 to $2995

(4 step, 5 step, & 6 step +landing)
*no ladder conversion option

stairs extended.jpg

$2695-4 Step
$2845-5 Step
$2995-6 Step

LRG. (50"-60" Truck Frame Height)


MED. (40"-50" Truck Frame Height)


SML. (>40" Truck Frame Height)


The MED and SML versions have a shorter frame to facilitate mounting of shortage boxes on the other side of the stairs.

This Globe Trekker patented design features the full retractability of our Access Steps with auto leveling treads, but with a major upgrade. When space available is limited on the side of the vehicle, you can pull the stairs half way out, and it auto-converts the access steps into a 15 degree slanted ladder so you can still access your habitat, even in tight quarters or deep snow.


The treads come in 25" widths, made from 5052 anodized aluminum.  Videos for installation and use with "man's best friend" are on our videos tab of this website. This set is designed for tall (FMTV or equivalent) truck frames. A short version for shorter (F550, RAM5500, etc.) truck frames is also available. Mid-range frame heights (Kenworth, International, UNIMOG) with one step removed from the ladder section is $3145. The shorter stairs/ladder (F550, RAM 5500, etc.) with one step removed from the ladder section and one step removed from the upper stairs section is $2995.

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