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All Aluminum Storage Boxes

Globe Trekker Engineered Premium Quality Storage

These are not your mass produced Amazon specials. For top shelf quality engineering and craftsmanship, rugged enough to be called Overland Expedition Trail rated... go for the best... get your hands on some Globe Trekker quality.

Huge 58" long, 18" tall, & 17" deep
Floor Runner storage box

storage box 58-4.PNG
storage box 58-3.PNG
storage box 58-2.PNG

Two high quality locking latches!

$1299 anodized
$1225 mill finish

Made with 1/8" thick 5052 aluminum that is anodized to the AAMA thickness standard.

Laser cut and press breaked. Hand made in our welding shop by professional fabricators.

Tapered Storage Box01.PNG

Big 33" wide, 18" tall, & 17" deep
Departure Angle storage box

Locking Latch, LEFT or RIGHT

$975 anodized
$925 mill finish

All storage boxes come with a sealing gasket for a near watertight performance.

18" wide, 20" tall, & 17" deep
High Departure Angle storage box

Tapered Storage Box02.PNG
Tapered Storage Box03.PNG
Tapered Storage Box 3.jpg
Tapered Storage box 2.jpg
Tapered Storage Box 1.jpg

Locking latch, LEFT or RIGHT

$949 anodized
$900 mill finish

46.5" wide, 24 5/8" tall, & 17" deep
"GP" General Purpose storage box

storage box 46.5-1.PNG

Two High quality locking latches
Mount vertical or horizontal

$ inquire

storage box 46.5-2.PNG
storage box 46.5-3.PNG
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